ballet and pointe

While Ballet can be considered the most technical and formal of the dance disciplines, it is truly is the foundation of dance upon which the other forms of dance training are built.

Ballet-1The terminology used within ballet and its’ fundamental techniques are used repeatedly throughout the dancers’ lifetime, regardless of what form of dance he or she ultimately chooses to study.

Ballet teaches flexibility, poise, balance, muscle tone and creative expression which the dancer will use throughout their life. Ballet is not only encouraged for the dancer wishing to have a career in the arts, but is also encouraged for the athlete who wishes to benefit from all ballet has to offer.

Class Information and Policies

Dress Code

Ballet I, II & III (Wednesday evening sessions)

•    Students participating in Ballet I, II or III should be dressed in a leotard (preferably black or pink) with tan or pink tights.

All other Ballet sections (Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced sessions)

•    Students participating in Intermediate, High Intermediate or Advanced ballet classes should be dressed in a leotard with tan or pink tights, boy-short style shorts may be worn in these class sections.

•    All ballet students’ hair should be in a bun. However, if the dancer’s hair is too short, please pull the hair back from the dancer’s face as best you can.

For All Pointe Candidates

All Pointe candidates must have permission from the instructor prior to acceptance in the program and must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet classes per week. Pointe is only taught in the intermediate, high intermediate and advanced classes.

Contact Our Rosemount Studio

Call the studio at 651-423-2885 or contact us online for more details about the ballet program or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information. You can also visit our class schedule page to view available class days and times.