January 2015 Studio Newsletter

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Thank you for all of the wonderful food donations for the Rosemount Food shelf and the cards, gifts and donations to Toys for Tots. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated by those in need.

It has been a very eventful holiday for two of our instructors. I would like to congratulate Michelle Banbury and her family on the arrival of their new little blessing,

On New Years Day, baby Aiden Francis became the newest addition to the Kerkhoff family! He was 4 lbs. 2 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. His rare condition, called Esophageal Atresia with Tracheoesophageal fistula, requires surgery to attach his esophagus to his stomach.

The Kerkhoff family is spending a lot of time at the hospital. To help Jerry, Jenny, Mercedes, and Savannah during this difficult time, we have set up a coordinated meal schedule through Take Them A Meal for friends and family to show their support during this time. We are coordinating meals through the end of March.

Please visit Take Them A Meal to register.


Attendance Reminder

Regular attendance is essential for proper dance development. The recital dances are choreographed according to the number of students in each class, therefore everyone should be in class in order to present the dance the best they can. Please contact the school if you will not be attending class. 



Costumes will be arriving in the next few months. Parents will be invited inside the classroom to help their dancer try them on and will receive information about how the costume is supposed to look. If you are not available at this time, please ask the instructor for any information you may have missed. All account balances (including tuition) must be up to date to receive your costume. Keep in mind that costumes come in sporadically and we will pass them out as we get them…some companies take longer than others and we order from many different companies.


Picture Days – March 6-7th,  2015

The picture schedule will be available soon and sent home with your dancer and posted on the website. There will be no classes on March 7th.

Dance Connection Spirit Wear

Final order for the year will be placed on February 5th. Order forms are available at the desk. This will be the last chance to get these styles, as they change each year.

Class Cancellations

Classes are not always cancelled when the schools are due to inclement weather. Please check our Facebook page or call the studio to hear the studio message left on the answering service. Remember, there is not a discount for snow days. We will have any closing posted 2 hours prior to the first class of the night. Snow days do not need to be made up but if you’d like, you may come to another class of the same level. Check the class schedule posted on our website.


Waiting Room Etiquette

Please, please, please for the safety and comfort of everyone, we would like to remind you of the following:

Please do not block the bins under the window with viewing chairs. The dancers need to be able to get to them easily to store their bags, etc…

  •  No colored juices or stain causing beverages in the waiting area.
  •  Please pick up your garbage. We have garbage cans by the water fountain and in the waiting area.
  •  Playing tag and rough play should not be allowed. Please monitor your children.
  •  Please encourage your children to use their “inside voices”.
  •  The water fountain is not a toy!

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Important Dates to Remember:

Spirit Week / Bring a Friend to Dance Week: February 9-14, 2015  More info to come!
Parent’s Week: February 23-26, 2015
Picture Dates: March 6-7, 2015. There will be no classes on March 7th.
Spring Break: March 21– 29, 2015
Last Day of Classes: May 21, 2015
2014-2015 Season Recital Information: Dress Rehearsal Dates: Wednesday, May 27 and Friday, May 29, 2015 (rehearsal start time will be after 4:30 pm)
Recital Dates: Saturday, May 30 (shows at 1 and 6 pm) and Sunday, May 31 (2 pm). Stay tuned for more information…