Competition Week Alternate Schedule

MINN-MN-2-13- 399 -21841This week will be very busy and exciting as we attend our first competition of the season. Jenny has typed up a note with a checklist, required time to be at the competition and other important notes. Please check your email or visit the competition page to print out this checklist and read over carefully.

It is crucial that everyone arrive at the time listed. It can get very stressful to the dancers and the instructors if they are waiting on dancers to arrive. Please also be aware that this is a full competition and while the Burnsville PAC (Ames Center) does have a parking ramp, please allow ample time time to find a parking place and be in the dressing room at your call time.

Due to the fact that the competition will be starting earlier than was in the original schedule and we have dancers competing Wednesday – Sunday, the class schedule at the studio will be altered slightly as follows:

Wednesday classes will run as usual:  Miss Kyle will be subbing for Jenny and Miss Jennica will be subbing for Melissa

Thursday classes:  Melissa will be teaching the Super Stars and Elite Tap. Amy will teach her normal 4:30-6:00 pm ballet class and a master ballet class from 6-8 pm. Technique classes will be cancelled. All dancers may take the master ballet class with Amy 6-8 pm and still get credit for technique class.

Saturday classes: Normal ballet class schedule. Technique classes are cancelled as stated in the April Newsletter.