choosing the right studio makes all the difference

We know that selecting the right studio for your dancer is of the greatest importance and there are many things to consider when you talk to studio owners and instructors.

So, what should you look for when choosing a studio for your child? Of course, we would always suggest that you make sure to research the different training programs available for your dancer and that a particular program coincides with the expectations you have as your child progresses from novice to competition-level dancer and beyond (should that be of importance to you and your family). And if you do want to compete, it is important to understand the personal and financial commitments involved.

However, it is important to know that while there are lots of schools out there, there are very few that offer professional level training programs and facilities or who even have qualified teachers who are capable of teaching students to a level required to even consider entering dance as a profession.

Regardless of what your dance goals are, however, professional instruction should always be a high priority. And at the Dance Connection, we place a great deal on emphasis on providing a quality dance education through not just technique and form, but fun too. We want your child to enjoy the learning process of dance and make lifelong friends, too.

And while the Dance Connection incorporates an end of season recital, performing is not really the focal point. We place the highest priority on learning and increasing dance technique and knowledge. The recital is used to allow families to see progress of all our students throughout the dance season.

To learn more about things to look for, check out our choosing a studio page.