tuition and fees policy

Registration Fee:

There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee per family

Tuition Information:

Class fees are determined in hourly increments, beginning with a half-hour and ranging up to five hours of class time. Students enrolling in more than five hours per week of studio time shall not be charged more than the maximum monthly fee of $180.00 per month.

Family Discount:

Second dancer in the family deducts $5.00 per month.
 Third dancer deducts $10.00 per month.

Full Tuition Discount:

Receive 5% off tuition if full year (September thru May) is paid for by September 15th.

Payment Information:

Tuition is due by the 1st of the month. Tuition will be automatically charged to a debit or credit card of your choice each. The studio must have billing information before a student can be enrolled in a class. NO exceptions.


Tuition Refunds Information:

No refunds for classes will be given, unless space is not available or a class is cancelled due to low enrollment.

Fees are based on 32-36 weeks of lessons with an average of four lessons per month, but remain the same whether there are three, four or five lessons in a month. Refunds are not given if a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, however the student can come to other classes to make it up.

If a student decides to drop a class in the middle of the month, they will still be charged the full amount for that month, but we will cancel the fees for the remaining months. Please call the studio or put it in writing if you decide to drop a class, so that we can record it in our records


Costume Fee Schedule:

•    All Classes: $90.00 (This fee includes any hair or other accessories, tights and jewelry if applicable)
•    Competition Lines, Adult classes and boys classes will be determined later.


•    Students may participate in our annual September fundraiser to earn credit toward costumes, dance shoes, Dance Connection apparel and recital tickets.
•    Costume payments may be made in small parts, but must be paid in full by November 1st.

Please see the Studio Policies for additional information.

schedule of class fees:

•    30 minutes: $60.00
•    45 minutes: $65.00
•    1 hour: $70.00
•    1 hr, 15 min: $75.00
•    1 1/2 hours: $90.00
•    2 hours: $115.00
•    2 hrs, 15 min: $120.00
•    2 1/2 hours: $125.00
•    3 hours: $135.00
•    3 1/2 hours: $140.00
•    4 hours: $155.00
•    4 1/2 hours: $160.00
•    5 hours or more: $195.00

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