2013 Class Pictures Schedule

1N5J0072It’s nearly time for class pictures! Please find the schedule below for your class day and photo time. Detailed information regarding costumes, hair, etc…will be addressed during Parents’ Week – February 25 – 28, 2013 during your dancers’ regular class time.

For all Dancers:
* Please be in costume and ready 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time.
* There will be no classes held on picture days.

Picture Schedule – Friday, March 8

Group: Pirouettes
Photo Time: 5:00 pm
Number: In The Navy/Tap

Group: Wed. 5:30/Jenny
Photo Time: 5:05 pm
Number: The Winner Is/ballet

Group: Mon. 5:15/Alex
Photo time: 5:15
Number: I Can Be Anything/Tap

Group: Super Stars
Photo time: 5:20 pm
Number: Doop/Tap 15

Group: Pirouettes
Photo Time: 5:30 pm
Number: Storm/Jazz

Group: Mon. 6:45/Alex
Photo Time: 5:45 pm
Number: Do You Believe in Magic/Tap

Group: Mon. 6:00/Alex
Photo time: 5:50 pm
Number: Happy Feet/Tap

Group: Wed. 6:30/Jenny
Photo time: 6:00 pm
Number: Doll House/Ballet

Group: Petite Stars
Photo time: 6:05 pm
Number: April Showers/Tap

Group: Ballet Specialty
Photo time: 6:10 pm
Number: Stars and Stripes/Ballet

Group: Super Stars
Photo time: 6:20 pm
Number: Yakety Yak/Jazz

Solos/Duos/Trios  photos: 6:30 – 6:40 pm

Group: Petite Stars
Photo time: 6:40 pm
Number: It’s All About Me/Jazz

Group: Pirouettes
Photo time: 6:45 pm
Number: Are We There Yet/Lyrical

Group: Cupids
Photo time: 6:50 pm
Number: I Enjoy Being a Girl/Jazz

Group: Monday 8:15/Alex
Photo time: 6:55 pm
Number: Rhianna Medley/Hip Hop

Group: Stars
Photo time: 7:00 pm
Number: Singing in the Rain/tap

Group: Thursday 6:15/Alex
Photo time: 7:10 pm
Number: Putting on The Ritz/Jazz

Group: Cupids
Photo time: 7:20 pm
Number: Wild Horses/Lyrical

Group: Stars
Photo time: 7:25 pm
Number: Slow Me Down/Lyrical

Group: Thursday 5:30/Alex
Photo time: 7:35 pm
Number: Hit Me Up

Group: Cupids
Photo time: 7:45 pm
Number: Speed Over Beethoven/Tap

Solos/Duos/Trios photos: 7:45 – 7:50 pm

Group: Stars
Photo time: 7:50 pm
Number: This Joint Is Jumping/Jazz


Picture Schedule – Saturday, March 9

Group: Pointe Specialty
Photo time: 10:00 am
Number: I Like to Fuss/Pointe

Group: Tues. 4:45/Shay
Photo time: 10:05 am
Number: Fist Pump Jump Jump/Hip hop

Group: Wed. 9:30/Melissa
Photo time: 10.15 am
Number: I Can Be Anything/Tap

Photo time: 10:20 am
Number: Absolutely Me/Jazz

Group: Wed. 4:45/Shay
Photo time: 10.25 am
Number: Fist Pump Jump Jump/Hip hop

Group: Dazzlers
Photo time: 10:30 am
Number: Money/Musical Theatre

Group: Wed. 8:15/Alex
Photo time: 10:40 am
Number: Holding Out For A Hero/Kickline

Group: AllStars Hip Hop
Photo time: 10:45 am
Number: Vaa Vaa Voom/Hip hop

Group: Thurs.7:15/Alex
Photo time: 10:55 am
Number: Alma De Neon/Teen Tap

Group: Dazzlers
Photo time: 11:05 am
Number: Just Breathe/Lyrical

Group: Wed. 6:30/Alex
Photo time: 11:10 am
Number: Do You Wanna Dance/Tap

Group: Elite Tap
Photo time: 11:20 am
Number: Flashmob/Tap

Group: Mon.6:30/Jenny
Photo time: 11:30 am
Number: Do You Wanna Dance/tap

Group: Tues. 6:30/Jenny
Photo time: 11:35 am
Number: Happy Feet/Tap

Group: Thurs. 7:45/Alex
Photo time: 11:45 am
Number: Blinding/Adv. Teen Jazz

Group: Showstoppers
Photo time: 11:55 am
Number: Catmoves/Jazz

Group: Wed. 7:30/Alex
Photo time: 12:00 pm (noon)
Number: Game Over/Boys Hip hop

Group: Elites
Photo time: 12:05 pm
Number: Crave You/Jazz

Group: Firecrackers
Photo time: 12:10 pm
Number: Ricochet/Kickline

Group: Showstoppers
Photo time: 12:15 pm
Number: Anywhere Place/Lyrical

Group: Tues. 7:15 Tap/Jazz 1/Jenny
Photo time: 12:25 pm
Number: Dance Dance Dance/Tap

Group: Elites
Photo time: 12:35 pm
Number: Stranger/Lyrical

Group: Showstoppers
Photo time: 12:45 pm
Number: Digga Digga Doo/Jazz

Group: Acro-Jazz
Photo time: 12:50 pm
Number: Guardian Angel 25

LUNCH BREAK 1:00-1:30 pm

Group: Amy’s Ballet
Photo time: 1:30 pm
Number: The Time Warp/Ballet

Solos/Duet/Trios photos 1:30

Group: Mini Stars
Photo time: 1:45 pm
Number: If You’re Happy and You Know It/Tap

Group: Elites
Photo time: 1:55 pm
Number: Chelsea Rogers/Jazz

Group: Mon. 7:45/Alex
Photo time: 2:05 pm
Number: You Spin Me Right Round

Group: Production
Photo time: 2:15 pm
Number: Greatest Love of All/Production

Group: Wed. 6:15 /Tammy
Photo time: 2:30 pm
Number: Happy Feet/Tap

Group: Wed. 5:30/Tammy
Photo time: 2:35 pm
Number: I Can Be Anything/Tap

Group: Mini Stars
Photo time: 2:45 pm
Number: Call Me Maybe/Jazz

Group: Tues. 5:30/Tammy
Photo time: 2:55 pm
Number: I Can Be Anything/Tap

Group: Rising Stars
Photo time: 3:00 pm
Number: Magic/Hip Hop

Group: Mini Stars
Photo time: 3:10 pm
Number: Arrietty’s Song/Ballet

Solos/Duet/Trios photos: 3:10